Monday, November 14, 2011

Recording Update & Notes

If it wasn't obvious already, I don't often keep this blog up to date. I have full intentions of doing so, but of course life typically gets in the way. This particular blog entry is about the recording status of the upcoming full-length Algarothsyum album.

Ok, I'll catch you up a little bit, since this blog is scarce with entries about Algarothsyum (or just entries in general, really). Algarothsyum is my solo atmospheric black/death metal project. I write and record everything in the project. So far, I've released a 5-track demo entitled "Spiraling to Realization", which was released March of 2011. I'm currently recording for the project's first full length album. The album does not have a title yet, nor a release date. All I can say is that it will be released in 2012, and it will have 10 tracks.


The recording progress for the album is still in its early stages. I'm currently laying down rhythm guitars and clean guitars, as they are the foundations of the songs. After the rhythm guitars, I'll track leads, solos and whatever else involving guitar work. After that, the drums. Given my living situation, I will most likely have to go with the programmed drums route. I don't really want to, but drum programming is a common, inexpensive, easy solution to bands or musicians who don't have access to drums or a drummer. I'm a drummer, so I would prefer to record my actual playing to the album, but it may not be feasable this time. Following that will the bass, and vocals.

Overall, the rhythm guitars for the album are about 65% done. The song that I'm working on now is going to be a 3-piece epic, that will be split into 3 tracks. Obviously, it's taking the most time to finish. After finishing the rhythm guitars for the 3-piece, the two final tracks waiting to be recorded will be a breeze, as they are standard length, and not as complex as the other songs.

I'm recording everything in my own home, if you were wondering. I don't have an official studio, but I do have a recording workstation in my house that basically consists of a laptop, a secondary display, speakers and sub, and my guitar processor. I'm recording directly into the computer; no amps are being used in the recording process. I recorded the demo in this fashion with satisfactory results, so I'm doing it again in the same process. A few changes are being made though, like recording techniques, guitar tones, and the like. And as mentioned before, I will be going the programmed drums route. On the demo, I recorded the drums with Roland V-drum electronic drums. This time around, it will sound significantly better.

I will also be doing all the mixing and production of the album. I dabble a bit in the art of audio production - after all, I'd like to attend school for it, and eventually run my own home recording studio. I am pretty particular about how I want recordings to sound, so I spend a lot of time tweaking with levels, EQ, effects, and whatever else you can imagine that goes into production quality. I'm pretty satisfied overall with the production values on the demo. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it, actually. I spent a lot of time on the production and mixing, and I intend on spending even more time on the production of the full length.

I will make more entries as the album progresses. I will also post a track listing when I have come up with all the titles.

As far as the visuals go, I'm brainstorming on a few different ideas for album artwork. I don't really want to divulge these ideas yet, but whatever the decision will be, the final product will be worth seeing. I'm also in the process of rendering a new Algarothsyum logo. Of course, it too will be revealed over time, with more blog entries.

This blog entry is more or less an assortments of notes and general information on the recording of the album. I intended on making an entry back when I started recording, but I didn't. This is basically bringing you up to speed on what's going on in Algarothsyum land.

- Vhyle