Saturday, June 23, 2012


Time to talk about another appointed musical endeavor - Apokalypsos.

What is it?

Apokalypsos is a post-apocalyptic MMO video game that's under development, by Lethal Concept LLC. The project started several years ago, and it's under development by a handful of great people on a completely volunteer basis. The group is largely consisted of Auto Assault "refugees", who are upset (still!) about Auto Assault's ultimate demise. Myself included. If you don't know what Auto Assault is, do some googling and read up on it. It was a unique, excellent MMO that unfortunately didn't have the subscriber support, which led to its doom.

I'm part of the music/audio development team for Apokalypsos. I actually joined the team initially in 2009, and recorded a few tracks for the project. But, from late 2010 to earlier this year, I had to take a long hiatus. That period of time was a pretty rough point in my life, and I had to take a break.

But obviously now things are much better. Earlier this year, I talked to Sigoya (the lead developer) and had a good chat with him. After catching up, I learned that that time period was rough for a lot of other people (which makes sense, with the economy and job issues that were prevalent at that time). Long story short - I asked him if I could join the team again and start writing some new tunes for the project. Lo and behold, I'm back on the team!

I have a setlist on my Soundcloud account of all the things I've recorded for the project, past and present. The descriptions in each track dictate when the tracks were recorded.

Here's the setlist:

You can also find the original version of "Travelling Song". That song was actually written and recorded for this project back in 2009. But, I loved how the song turned out originally, I decided to re-record it and use it on the debut Algarothsyum album as the finisher.

Of course, I'm not the only one contributing tunes to the project. There's another musician, Kel Sonix, that has contributed a larger portion of music to the project in my absence. He writes some excellent stuff. He takes a more electronic approach to the tracks. He's no stranger to recording and releasing material, as he's been on several other projects as well. You can follow him through my Soundcloud account as well (K.A. AUDIO).

You may have noticed a theme here. I love post-apocalyptic music. Algarothsyum is based on a post-apocalyptic theme, and so is Apokalypsos. And I'm certain there will be more p/a projects that I will dabble in over the years. Who knows what they may be? Regardless, it's my favorite theme.

Being on the Apokalypsos team has been an awesome experience, and I look forward to continuing my work with the rest of the team.

Link to the Apokalypsos site:
The site isn't updated very often, but you can read about the project there.