Sunday, September 9, 2012

Name Your Price

The whole concept of 'name your price' is an ever-growing trend in the music industry, especially among indie or solo artists. Ideally, it's a concept that I have come to terms with, and agree with.

I've decided to make my album 'name your price', and here's why:

I write and record music for the love of writing and recording music. I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it for the true passion of sharing my music with other bands and artists. If I was in it for the money, I would sell out with country music, or pop, or some other emotionless, talentless radio-laden drivel nonsense and milk the cash cow. No thanks.

I won't lie; profits from my music are always nice and greatly appreciated. But, I have a day job. I already get a paycheck to pay the bills and provide for my loved ones. Would it be nice to provide and pay the bills as a full-time musician? Of course it would! But right now, that's not the case. And with my preferred choice of music style, it may never be the case. This is why I have alternate career paths that I'm working for.

The only thing that I do plan on spending a good amount of money on, is to get physical copies of the album pressed. Any money that I make through the generosity of the fans will go towards that goal.

The main thing I am seeking is exposure. Getting Algarothsyum's name out there. I would love a growing, dedicated fan base. People who genuinely enjoy my music, and are enthusiastic about all of Algarothsyum's music to come. Everything else will follow over time, and I'm a firm believer of that.

So, if you wish to download a copy of my album, you certainly may. If you are feeling generous and you wish to donate a few bucks for the album, it would be greatly appreciated. What I truly want is the exposure. Tell your friends or other bands about Algarothsyum. Tell anyone who you think will enjoy my music, and send them to my pages to see for themselves. Tell them to feel free to stop by my Facebook and say hello, and thanks for the album.

I get satisfaction out of knowing that there are people out there that truly enjoy my music. Hearing about it truly makes my day.

Thank you for your support, especially to those who have already spent money on the album. And be sure to check back often, because the next Algarothsyum release is being written as we speak!

You can download the album here, at Bandcamp: Algarothsyum - Wastelander's Epoch
Algarothsyum on Facebook

- Vhyle