Sunday, February 3, 2013

No worries, we're still here.

As you can most likely tell, it's been about 5 months since the last update. What can I say, other than it's the adventures of life? Busier than ever these days. I basically have two jobs now, because honestly, couldn't YOU use the extra dough too?

However, big news for Algarothsyum.

The project is now underway of becoming a full band. I already have a drummer. His name is Cameron, and he has proved himself more than worthy of providing the bashing battery behind Algarothsyum's music. I actually took him on initially as the second guitarist (since he also plays guitar, and quite well I should say), but after a couple of practices, he started playing the drums along to the album in between practices. After a while, he asked me if I wanted him to play drums instead. I said "Let's try it out", and sure enough, it worked out quite well. That honestly takes a lot of work out of getting a complete lineup, since finding a competent drummer is bar none the hardest part of getting a band together.

Next up - I'm looking for a second guitarist and a bassist. As of today, I have a bassist who is interested in trying out, and he knows a guitarist who is also interested. So, here in the next week or so, we'll find out how the jams go with them. I'll spill the beans after we jam with the new guys. We're just a few steps closer to playing shows, folks.