Monday, May 19, 2014

New Milestone for Algarothsyum

Saturday, May 17th, was a small yet significant milestone for my solo project. Taken place at The Jammery in Trenton, KY, I played my first live show with Algarothsyum. And it went over quite well! Of course, I have been playing live shows for years now with various bands from my past, however this was the first time performing entirely solo. It was quite a blast, and it was very well received. 

I've had a few questions on the process of performing a solo project live. It's actually pretty simple, all in all. A week or so prior to the show took a bit of preparation. I had to pick the tracks I was going to perform, and change the mixes on them. I deleted one rhythm guitar track, moved the other guitar track to center (as opposed to hard left and right pans), and deleted all leads and solos, since those are the parts that I would actually be playing. A few songs contain riffs that started with no percussion, so I had to make hi-hat count-off measures to stay in time. I also reduced some of the cavernous atmospheric effects, to give the backing tracks a bit more clarity in a live setting. All I had to do was play along to the backing tracks which played through a PA from my laptop. After a minute of sound checking, it was show time. The show went off without a hitch, and great times were had by all!

A video was made, however it was unfortunately cut too short because the phone died.

I shared the night with Consulting the Arbiter, Dividing Skylines, and Iraconji - who are all great Tennessee local metal acts that deserve your attention! All bands played fantastic shows, and I definitely look forward to playing again. In fact, I have another show on the 24th at the same venue, for the Trenton Throwdown, Part II. 

Next week, I hope to film the entire set.

- Vhyle

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